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Sports Express Clients Keep Coming Back for More...

Sports Express Clients Keep Coming Back for More...

We also knew our hard-sided travel cases would not fit in the rental car unless we upgraded to a larger vehicle. To avoid any hassles, we asked Sports Express to handle transporting our clubs. Now we’re forever spoiled. -- Dale Ann Leatherman

If you travel with a bicycle or any other sports gear, let Sports Express help you move it. It's the smooth, inexpensive and enjoyable way to do it. -- Scott ~ Albany, NY

It was a great service that was easy to use. I plan to incorporate it into all of my client outings! Great service, customer friendly and no hassles. -- Mitch ~ Chesterfield, MO

I heartily recommend your service to anyone and everyone I talk to. The convenience and freedom provided makes for far more enjoyable travel days. I will use your service again. -- T.B.

Use them! It was so convenient, we didn't have to drag our ski & snowboard gear bags through the airport & did not have to wait for them when we arrived. -- William

Extremely knowledgeable, friendly ~ A professional experience in every way. -- Robert ~ Port Jervis, NY

Great Service. Absolutely no problems. Will never carry my clubs with me again! Coming back from MB, South Carolina, my clubs beat me home. -- Robert ~ Owensboro, KY

I used Sports Express for the 1st time this year on a ski trip to Steamboat. It was great to have my ski bag waiting for me at the hotel when I arrived! No lugging around the skis at the airport - yeah! It was extremely easy to set-up over the phone - your staff was helpful and courteous. Thanks for making my trip smoother. -- Peggy ~ Columbus, OH

Much easier than carrying lots of extra gear. (skis, bikes, dive gear, etc.) Pick up and delivery went like clockwork. Pretty painless way to fly, especially in these days of increased airport security. -- Patti ~ Jobstown, NJ

This was a great way to get my sports equipment home. Sports Express took great care of my equipment. -- Michael ~ Austin, TX

Excellent Efficient Service. Couldn't be more satisfied. -- Michael ~ New York, NY

For a busy person who's self-employed, I really like using Sports Express because it took some vacation details off my mind. It was nice to arrive in Vail, CO, and know my skis were already there without all the hassles of carrying them through airports. I travel on business quite often, and I'm always weighed down with cameras, computers, suitcases, etc. To me, less details on a trip means more fun, and using your service was a relief...and dependable, courteous service as well! Thank you! You will ship my equipment again in the future. -- Anonymous

It was so much easier to have the stuff delivered. Much more convenient than having to carry through the airports and packing into the shuttle service. -- Mary ~ Blackstone, MA

We will definitely use Sports Express again. Everyone we talked to at Sports Express were really friendly and professional. From pick up of our skis to delivery at the resort, and then the return of our equipment back to our house was completely hassle-free. Thank you for being so friendly and professional! -- Margo ~ College Station, TX

As a first time user, I was a little nervous, but everything worked perfectly. I will certainly use your service again. -- Anonymous

LOVE IT! I was so happy to be able to travel without having to drag my bike around the airport, rent a minivan just to carry the box and pay (each way) $80.00 for the inconvenience! I really appreciated the flexible scheduling options - the 2 hour pickup and delivery windows accommodated me well. Finally, this spring, I was able to put together my dream vacation: ski one week in Taos, NM, then fly to Tucson, AZ and spend a week cycling. There is not way I could have done it had I been forced to carry all my gear. I've told all my cycling, skiing, and triathlete buddies about your service! -- Lori ~ Schenectady, NY

Would highly recommend Sports Express equipment delivery to anyone traveling with bulky gear. No worries of airline losing equipment. Convenience and peace of mind was well worth the extra expense. Sports Express exceeded my expectations - delivered / returned right on schedule with no damage to sports equipment. Very easy to get an instant quote online and booking online was easy too! -- Kristen ~ Houston, TX

Thank you for your prompt pick up and delivery, as I work days. I have to leave my bike on the doorstep and I don't have to worry if it will be picked up or not. Thanks! -- Ken ~ Vail, CO

My experience with Sports Express was absolutely perfect in every way. I would not have made my trip from NY to Colorado if I had to carry all the equipment I needed for a family with three kids both snowboarders and skiers, 2-ski bags, 2 snowboard bags, and 1 boot bag. It was a pleasure. Thank you Sports Express. -- Jimmy ~ Scarsdale, NY

It's a great benefit to not have the hassle of lugging heavy ski gear thru airports and loading it in rental cars. -- Jean ~ Olaethe, KS

It's simple, easy & avoids all the airport hassles. -- Pat ~ Pittsburgh, PA

Highly recommended! I'll tell everyone I can! -- Debbie ~ Houston, TX

Thanks! It was great. I'll call again. -- Cerulli

I've recommended Sports Express to friends who are golfers, & skiers. It was very reassuring to know that Sports Express cares about my equipment, and is constantly looking out for my gear. Everything was incredibly smooth. Much better and more reliable than the regular service I've tried. -- Carol ~ Alexandria, VA

I have recommended your service to several of my business colleagues, family & friends who travel & golf or Ski. We can't beat your dependability, convenience & outstanding customer service. -- Carol ~ Greensboro, NC

The service was great, the online ordering was easy. The golf bags were picked-up and delivered exactly as promised. The pricing was perfect and hard to not at least try this service. I'm sold! -- Anthony ~ New Baltimore, MI

About Sports Express
Sports Express was founded in 1999 to alleviate the troubles caused by traveling with sports equipment such as skis, snowboards, golf clubs, bikes and of course luggage too. Over the past 15 years Sports Express has evolved to meet the demands of a challenging travel environment and today Sports Express remains one of the most trusted luggage delivery providers worldwide. Improve the way you travel by having your skis or golf clubs delivered. There's nothing more liberating than traveling luggage free to virtually any destination worldwide with our reliable luggage and golf club shipping service.