Ship Golf Clubs & Luggage

The original luggage delivery service, shipping golf clubs and luggage since 1997!

Shipping Golf Clubs and Luggage Saves Time

Ship your golf clubs, ship your bike, ship your skis, ship a snowboard or ship luggage with Sports Express. Don't lug these heavy or bulky items to and from the airport. Don't wait in long check-in and security lines? Sports Express will collect your bags at your home or office and deliver them directly to your destination!

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Relax, Your Luggage Delivery Is Guaranteed!

Sports Express guarantees your luggage shipment will be delivered on time or we will arrange and pay for rentals or purchases! Let Sports Express take care of your luggage and golf club shipping needs!

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Why Choose Sports Express?

How your luggage gets to your destination matters! With Sports Express you receive peace of mind using the original luggage shipping service in business since 1999. Sports Express turns luggage shipping into white glove luggage delivery. To find out what separates us from the rest of the pack, including our on-time guarantee that no other luggage shipping service has matched. Learn more about the advantages of choosing Sports Express.

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Sports Express Press Highlights

The Wall Street Journal

Lots of hand-holding -- service contacted our recipient via phone and email to make sure process went smoothly

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Los Angeles Times

"...look for one that's been around awhile. (Sports Express, for instance, which is owned by Luggage Forward and deals mostly with sporting equipment, has been in business since 1999 — and that's a long time in this sector.)"

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About Sports Express
Sports Express was founded in 1999 to alleviate the troubles caused by traveling with sports equipment such as skis, snowboards, golf clubs, bikes and of course luggage too. Over the past 15 years Sports Express has evolved to meet the demands of a challenging travel environment and today Sports Express remains one of the most trusted luggage delivery providers worldwide. Improve the way you travel by having your skis or golf clubs delivered. There's nothing more liberating than traveling luggage free to virtually any destination worldwide with our reliable luggage and golf club shipping service.